3 Top Eco-Friendly Hair Heat Protectants


If you use any type of heat styling tool on your hair, such as a hairdryer, straightener, or curling iron, a heat protectant product is a must-have. Anyone who has laid out in the sun without sunscreen understands what a terrible idea that is, so why would you do that to your hair?

You may not notice the damage at first, but the long-term consequences of heat exposure will not be good. Without some protection, the heat will dry out your hair and make it brittle and more prone to splitting and breaking.

Some of these products are better than others. To be sure, you do not want to protect your hair from heat by using damaging chemicals to do it.  You may also consider choosing an eco-friendly hair protectant.

Today we discuss all you need to know about using a hair heat protectant, how to choose the right one for you, and a list of the top eco-friendly hair heat protectants to put on your shopping list.

How to Use a Hair Heat Protectant

Photo by Thgusstavo Santana from Pexels

You can use a hair heat protectant spray on damp or dry hair before you begin styling with anything that puts off heat – a hairdryer, straightener, or curler. Spray the product only on your hair. Avoid getting any on your scalp if at all possible.


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