5 Facts about Facials… and How Often Should You Have Them


A professional facial is often thought as unnecessary, not to mention, pricey. And people expect a lot, too. They have this thinking that getting a facial is like magic—that all their skin problems will be erased.

Regine Berthelot, North America and Treatment Director of French skincare company Caudalíe, shared some facts and tips about facials below:

1. Facials are not magic.

images of a woman highlighting several blemishes on her face

According to Berthelot, facials are a lot more preventative than they are curative so don’t expect a fast fix.  She drew an analogy between visiting a skin care clinic and a trip to the dentist to explain further.

“I always make the analogy that going to the dentist to clean your teeth is like your facial, whereas brushing your teeth at home is your home care maintenance,” she said.


2. Leave the blackheads to the professionals.

young woman looking in a mirror and popping a blackhead with her fingernails

Don’t try doing the blackhead and pimple popping yourself. There is a specific procedure to follow in removing them. Doing it improperly can irritate them and can cause an infection, leading to bigger pores. Getting a facial prevents blackhead buildup.

3. A facial comes with a good massage.

image of a woman laying down getting massage during a facial with rose petals around her head

Getting a facial will not just benefit your skin but your mind, too.

“When you have someone else massaging your skin, your brain is surprised and you enjoy the experience so much more,” Berthelot explains. “When you massage yourself, your brain already knows what you’re going to do, and there’s less of a ‘wow’ factor.”

She also added that getting a good facial massage enhances better “blood circulation and draining effects” which means—increased skin radiance.

4. Regular facials give more benefits.

image of a woman getting a facial with lilac towel on her head and aesthetician with lilac gloves applying treatment with cotton pads

Berthelot said that getting regular facials is like training your skin, “Skin cells like routines, and they will respond well to that.”

The answer to the question: “How often do I need a facial?” is—it depends.  Because you have to consider your skin type and the kind of treatment you need.

While getting a treatment every 4 weeks is what Berthelot recommends, getting facials more or less often will ultimately be based on how your skin behaves.

“Someone with oily skin can go every three weeks, and if you have [drier] skin, you can go every five weeks.”

5. An expensive facial is not equivalent to excellent facial.

image of a woman with long eyelashes and flawless skin looking down and water droplets splashing

Berthelot suggests you trust your instincts in selecting a facialist who’s best for you. A fancy procedure or a pricey treatment does not always mean better skin.

A sign that you’re receiving a good treatment is your good skin. “If your skin is reacting well,” Berthelot adds, “then that’s a great sign.”

Source: Huff Post

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