5 Facts about Facials… and How Often Should You Have Them


A professional facial is often thought as unnecessary, not to mention, pricey. And people expect a lot, too. They have this thinking that getting a facial is like magic—that all their skin problems will be erased.

Regine Berthelot, North America and Treatment Director of French skincare company Caudalíe, shared some facts and tips about facials below:

1. Facials are not magic.

images of a woman highlighting several blemishes on her face

According to Berthelot, facials are a lot more preventative than they are curative so don’t expect a fast fix.  She drew an analogy between visiting a skin care clinic and a trip to the dentist to explain further.

“I always make the analogy that going to the dentist to clean your teeth is like your facial, whereas brushing your teeth at home is your home care maintenance,” she said.


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