9 Foods You Should Always Buy Frozen


There has been considerable debate about whether it’s better to purchase certain foods fresh or frozen.  There is certainly something to be said for fresh foods, especially when their peak season has arrived.  For instance, strawberries picked straight from the farm are a real treat. However, not all foods are better fresh. Here are 9 foods you should always buy frozen.

Research has shown that frozen foods retain their nutrients better than fresh foods because nutrients tend to degrade rather quickly.  As we all know, the more minerals and vitamins included in your diet can lead to a healthier you.  Here are some foods that are particularly beneficial when frozen:

Bell peppers

Photo by Nick Collins from Pexels

Since most people do not eat them raw, bell peppers are generally served in their cooked state, and that makes them ideal to purchase frozen.  Frozen bell peppers retain more antioxidants and Vitamin C than fresh ones due to the oxidation of the nutrients, causing them to lose the advantage of being served fresh. If you’re a bargain shopper, you’ll want to keep frozen bell peppers on your list, as they are usually less expensive than those in the fresh produce section. 


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