The Best Jade Roller – Four ELLE Editors Weigh In


Jade rollers date back to ancient China and have been used for centuries to bring positive chi and muscle relaxation to the face, but they have only become popular in recent years.

According to Dubai-based doctor Lamees Hamdan, founder and CEO of beauty brand Shiffa, the jade roller “is a very simple tool, a roller attached to a handle and made out of jade.”

jade roller

The jade roller can be used as a lymphatic massage on the face, neck, and eyes, as a simple way to de-puff the skin.

Leila Carter, founder of Jade Roller Beauty, explains, “The lymphatic system is a network that picks up fluids and waste from the spaces between the cells and then filters and cleans them, so it helps rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials.”

She adds that since “70 percent of lymphatic vessels are located just below the skin,” massaging helps the face move “the excess fluids, which cause the puffiness.”

Jade rollers also relieve tension in the face and jaw and improve blood circulation.


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