Bright White Smile – The Secret to a Great First Impression


Just 3 seconds

According to research, it only takes 3 seconds to make a first impression and the first thing people notice is your smile. Having a bright, white smile is an important part of making a great first impression. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry says that 48% of people surveyed believe that a smile is the most memorable feature when meeting someone. Only 25%  believe that the first thing that someone says is more memorable.

It might seem like a gimmick, but there’s research that proves whitening your teeth has a positive effect on interpersonal relations. A study by Procter and Gamble showed that 58% of participants were more likely to be hired and receive more substantial salary offers after brightening their pearly whites. Likewise, the study showed that whiter teeth made individuals appear more attractive, confident, trustworthy, and financially successful – all important things when going on a job interview or meeting someone for the first time.

An easy, affordable smile makeover

Creating a smile that makes an impact can be maintained easily and affordably long term with at-home product kits like Cleaner Smile LED Teeth Whitening Kit. Teeth whitening works on natural teeth with most surface and/or subsurface stains from eating, drinking, and smoking, all the things that leave stains on or in the tooth enamel. Whitening your teeth can help you to make a first impression that counts!


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What causes the brightness of your smile to fade in the first place?

  • Coffee. “About 83 percent of adults drink coffee in the U.S., the world’s biggest consumer of the beverage,” reports USA Today. However, this habit isn’t without it’s drawbacks. Stains are caused when coffee is absorbed into the porous surface – turning your pearly whites a dingy beige.
  • Tea. Tea drinkers aren’t off the hook, though. Some black teas may even stain your teeth more than coffee. Black teas, like red wine, often have a high tannin content, which causes staining.
  • Smoking. The nicotine and tar in tobacco also accelerate the yellowing process of teeth. Heavy smokers will suffer from brown teeth after years of smoking, reports Dentalhealth.org.

What Do The Experts Say?

You can whiten your teeth and change your first impression with products that have bleach, or those that don’t. Teeth-whitening products that contain powerful bleaching agents, such as peroxide, can whiten the natural tooth color in both the deep and outer layers of the teeth, according to the American Dental Association. Non-bleach whitening products contain agents that work by physical or chemical processes to eradicate surface stains only.

Luckily, achieving a whiter, more confident smile can now be done from the convenience of your home with at-home teeth-whitening kits.

How To Retain Your Bright White Smile

One of the best ways to safeguard teeth is through dedicated dental hygiene habits. In addition to brushing and flossing, you can take a proactive role in reducing stains by avoiding drinks or foods with dark pigments.  Likewise, avoid consuming food or beverages, excluding water, for a couple of hours after teeth whitening. Also, keep your regularly scheduled dental cleanings a part of your teeth-whitening routine.

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