Chinese Food: Healthy Options That Taste Great


Chinese food is often quick, easy, and convenient… but is it healthy? When ordering Chinese food, too often we turn off our healthy radar and eat a meal we later regret. The good news is that not all of Chinese food is deep fried or filled with sugar, salt, and additives. With a keen eye for healthy ingredients, a fiber-rich, protein-packed Chinese food meal can be selected. Furthermore, many Chinese food options exist that are compatible with multiple popular healthy diets.

What Chinese food to avoid

In order to make a healthy selection, it’s useful to consider what pitfalls to avoid.

First, consider the cooking method.

chinese cooking method
Photo by Prince Photos from Pexels

Steamed, baked, or boiled beats battered, deep fried, and sautéed. You are guaranteed to be taking in excess starch, fat, and calories when you choose a cooking method that involves oil. Deep fried dishes are usually associated with the terms “General Tso”, “sweet and sour”, “chow mein”, and “orange”, so choose accordingly!


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