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Dr. Okoye, Bachelor of Medicine, Director of Parasitology Studies, has published more than 60 research articles on Molecular Parasitology.

Dr. Okoye, Bachelor of Medicine

Dr. Okoye is a highly accomplished and sought after American Public Health Physician with a Medical Degree (MD), an MBA in Healthcare Management, a Masters in Epidemiology/Public Health, and a BS in Microbiology.. She has been featured on NBC News online, Yahoo News, The Huffington Post, The Reader’s Digest, Tonic by VICE, Massage Magazine, among others.

Her background includes being a National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical and Research Fellow, and State HIV/AIDS Epidemiologist. She has a plethora of clinical research experience. Dr. Okoye has authored some publications, and is considered an expert on the Affordable Care Act. Dr. Okoye’s interests include disease prevention, empowering under-served communities globally, bridging access (to) and streamlining the delivery of healthcare services.

We discuss this problem with our parasitology specialist:

– Dr. Okoye, to address this issue, is it true that parasite infestation is a more common problem than we imagine among the United States population?

Unfortunately, the United States is one of the countries with elevated occurrences of parasitic infestations, compared to the other developed countries. The causes are diverse but above all due to the lack of information available to the public about parasitic infestations, and the lack of initiative by the Public health authorities to develop an awareness and information campaign for the Public.

– Dr. Okoye, could you tell us a little about the results of your latest studies that link the cause of bad breath with parasite infestation?

Previously it was believed that bad breath had its origin inside the oral cavity. Later studies showed that it was mainly related to problems in the stomach and liver. In this way people infested with parasites suffer from problems in the stomach and liver. Bad breath is a clear indicator that you suffer from an infestation. It is strongly recommended that you not overlook this problem and seek a specialist for help. Studies have shown that untreated parasites can lead to a series of serious diseases in humans.

The results of our Unit Research have shown that a high percentage of serious diseases that cause death to humans have their origin in a parasitic infestation. You know your body best, but consider if you experience abdominal pain often, chances are you may have roundworms. Other symptoms of roundworm infections include asthma, pain in your eyes, and rashes.

There is a wide variety of worms that live in different parts of our body and that can cause various diseases. For example, helminths live in the intestines, deteriorating them little by little and sometimes even causing death.

There are thousands of types of parasites and worms that can live in your liver, blood, brain or lungs. And the vast majority can become mortal. For example, the Ascaris lumbricoides lives in the intestines, its larvae penetrate the intestinal wall entering the bloodstream eventually infesting several organs.

parasite inside body

Large roundworm in human intestine. Ascaris lumbricoides lives in the intestines. The larvae penetrate the intestine wall, enter the blood stream and infest several organs.

Many infestations go unnoticed until there is already damage sometimes irreparable and the body itself cannot defend against them. We have carried out several autopsies where we have found large infestations in different organs and performed multiple tests to detect how this type of parasite infestations occur and to develop the necessary measures for early detection. From the beginning of our research, we made a call for attention on one of the indicators easy to detect, bad breath.

– You mentioned that parasites can be the cause of various diseases. Could you name disease?

First, it is shown that some tapeworms can cause cancer. In many other diseases in fact, it is the worms that have contracted the disease and subsequently infect humans. This occurs when the eggs of the parasites come from the intestines to the lymph nodes and from there to different parts of the body. If they are not treated in the long run they can lead to cancerous tumors, poisoning the human body. Last month we performed an autopsy of a patient with a tumor initially caused by an infestation not treated in time.

A difficult case to deal with is when the infestation has reached parts of the human brain. The person suffers from tiredness, irritability, sudden mood swings or difficulty sleeping. These symptoms can be overlooked and are not usually associated with this problem until the infestation spreads, hindering brain function and causing death.

In our autopsies we have found parasites in different organs of the body. I can show you an infinite number of photos that are impressive and that make us realize the seriousness of this problem.




Human brain



In other cases, we find infestation of parasites in the human heart. Although it seems impossible, in fact about 20% of the population has infestations of the heart. Many people do not experience certain symptoms but older people especially with a heart problem can experience sudden cardiac arrest. In fact, they are the main cause of sudden death among United States population.

– In addition to all these diseases, can you name other types of consequences that are common among the population?

Among men, parasites can cause problems with the prostate, cystitis, adenoma, and stones in the gallbladder and kidney. Women on the other hand suffer from problems related to inflammation of the ovaries, fibroids, mammary dysplasia as well as inflammation of the adrenal gland, in the bladder and in the kidneys. In addition to a premature aging of cells.

– Now that we know all the problems related to parasites, what steps should we follow to avoid or treat an infestation?

Unfortunately, there are no specific tests to diagnose when there is an infestation. The fact that there are more than 2000 types of parasites that we know of makes it difficult to choose which test is going to be administered to the patient. An exhaustive examination can be carried out in only a select few facilities at a high cost and are not covered by any of the major health Insurance providers, that we are aware of.

Therefore, it is important that we pay attention to the different symptoms that have been shown to be present in most infestations: halitosis, fatigue, digestive problems, constipation or diarrhea, skin rashes, nervousness, mood swings, insomnia and itching in the anal or vaginal area.

If you suffer from several of these symptoms, it would be advised to act before the infestation causes serious problems. It is very likely that you are infected with one of the multiple types of parasites that exist.

There are several measures we must take to avoid becoming contagious. Maintain proper hygiene, hand washing kitchen utensils, and regular washing of sheets and clothes. Most parasitic infestations are transmitted by contact with feces of an infected person or animal. For example, the species Gardai labia, is the most common intestinal protozoa in the world. The infestation occurs through water and some foods, especially raw vegetables and meats that are not completely cooked.

On the other hand, there are many medications that treat parasites, but sometimes the problem is to identify which parasite we should treat.

In our unit we have developed a product in conjunction with research carried out by other international specialists that has shown a high effectiveness to fight with all types of parasites that have been found in humans. After an exhaustive study with a multitude of natural herbs that have been proven effective for the prevention and eradication of parasites. Thanks to our team of researchers utilizing specialized processes and precise equipment we have developed a product combining the appropriate proportion of each of these herbs creating 100% efficacy in the prevention and eradication of all types of parasites.

This medication, now on the market with the brand name of Para-Axe Pluscontains black walnut shells, clove seeds, papaya seeds, pumpkin seeds, garlic, wormwood and oregano. All the components are natural herbs that have been used since ancient times for their high efficiency to fight against parasites.

– What makes Para-Axe Plus so effective compared to other products on the market?

As I said before it is difficult to determine what type of parasite and which area could be infected. And in the past, there was no product that could treat the entire range of parasites, so other treatments could help or not depending on whether it is directed to that specific parasitic infestation which may exist. Currently, Para-Axe Plusit is the only solution worldwide that has shown so much efficacy in cleansing worms and parasites from any organ including the heart, intestines, liver or the brain itself. No other medication today has achieved these results. Which we are immensely pleased to be able to help all people.

The best thing about this product is that it has been created with only natural herbs, it does not have any chemical element which respects the intestinal flora and avoids any type of allergic reaction. In a group of 100 patients administering two capsules a day before the meal for one month, 100% efficacy in the complete elimination of the helminths has been demonstrated. Unlike other products Para-Axe Plusalso eliminates parasitic eggs thus avoiding the start of another outbreak of parasites.

– Where can you buy this product so effective and completely natural?

Our objectives were to not only design a solution with 100% efficacy, but to also be able to transfer the formula and technology necessary for the commercial production to a company in agreement to two main points.

  1. a manufacturing facility has been registered with the Food and Drug Administration and its manufacturing facility has operated in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Processes Standard (GMP).
  2. Implement Price controls for the initial production years, to ensure mass availability.

We know from experience pharmaceutical companies prefer to sell new products at a high price and profit margin, an approach that is not shared with team of researchers who developed the solution. The Management team of Para-Axe Plusshares my team’s vision for availability for the masses with reasonable pricing, and after agreements were finalized, the formula and technology for production was transferred to Para-Axe Plusa few years ago and production began. While an agreement may be reached between Para-Axe Plusand the pharmaceutical companies in the near future, as of today you can still acquire it quickly and easily online at www.paraaxeplus.com. As a specialist in my profession, I want everyone to be able to enjoy the benefits of this natural product.

Dr. Okoye, is there anything else you would like to add to finish this interview?

As a health specialist, we must be aware that it is important to take care of our health. Healthy habits and good hygiene can help prevent a possible infestation of parasites. Unfortunately, sometimes still there is a high percentage of infection and other measures must be taken to eradicate the problem and thus avoid more serious diseases. One may not be aware of t, but they may be infested. The parasites can not only be in the intestines, but also in the blood, in the lungs, in the heart or in the brain without being aware of it until it is too late. By taking Para-Axe Plus,you are 100% protected against any possible presence of parasites in your body.

Both myself and my team of specialists are very enthusiastic about the achievements we have made in developing this product available to help treat any type of parasite with a highly proven efficacy.

If you suffer from any of the symptoms mentioned above, do not hesitate and start taking this totally natural product, thus ensuring the proper functioning of your body. Do not put your health at risk. You can enjoy the benefits of Para-Axe Plustoday through www.paraaxeplus.com

At this time, Para-Axe Plusis available in our country, the authentic Para-Axe Pluscan be ordered through the official website.

paraaxeplus cleanse supplement


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