Fight Stress: 14 Days, 14 Ways


Say goodbye to stress with this two-week relaxation program.

WEEK 1 – Bust Stress with Self Reflection

Day 1

Occasional life hurdles may be inevitable, but you can do something about the stress that usually comes along with it. Try to think of several solutions to your problem, be it long or short term, until you come up with an action plan that will yield positive results. Write it down if you must.

Day 2

Knowing who supports you can alleviate stressful feelings. Enumerate the people who you can always depend on, whether it’s for emotional or financial support. Knowing that these people are present in your life can help you feel steady.

Day 3

Caring for plants can actually help you divert your attention from things that cause stress. Plant something, even if it’s just in a tiny pot. Gardening potentially has some calming effects.

Day 4

Regularly drinking black tea can decrease stress hormones levels, according to a British study. Just be careful with the caffeine and make sure you don’t drink it before bedtime.

Day 5

Even a short massage has been proven to have calming effects. Whether it’s a chair massage or spending the day in a spa, it works wonders for your stressed nerves.

Day 6

Play a computer game that you like. There are various games to choose from on the internet.  Playing has been shown to improve mood and lower stress levels.


Day 7

List down all the things that you’re grateful for. Focus on the wonderful things, and the stressful ones should take the backseat. Do this daily, if you can. Being grateful will soon become a habit.

WEEK 2 – Beat Stress with Change

Day 8

Add something pink to your day. It can be your phone wallpaper, your shirt, a Post-it. The color pink tends to have a temporary soothing effect on your mind.

Day 9

Skip watching the television today and opt for a different way of keeping up with the news – it can be the paper or the radio, to avoid being overwhelmed.

Day 10

Consider taking a different route to reach your daily destination. Avoid busy streets, if possible, and try to take a route where you can see trees or vegetation.

Day 11

Check your body for parts that are burdened with muscle tension, the forehead, the eyes, jaw and lower back. Concentrate on relaxing those muscles.

Day 12

Train your brain to halt the negative thoughts that are forming. If it happens, take deep breaths and try to think of a more positive way to lighten things up.

Day 13

Help someone. Not only does it take your mind off your own worries, but it may help you feel more positive about yourself and what you can do for others.

Day 14

Make laughter a part of your agenda. When you get a good laugh, endorphins start kicking in and relaxation will take place as soon as it takes effect on the body.

Source: Real Simple

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