Great Legs? My Wine Has WHAT?


For some people, wine is just that; wine. However, for wine lovers and experts, wine is a drink that has more character than most. Before it even touches the taste buds, they can tell the personality of the wine the moment it hits the glass. These characteristics are both visible and sensory in nature.

Legs in Wine

Legs in wine refer to the droplets of wine that appear inside the wine glass

In the world of wines, legs refer to the droplets of wine that appear inside the wine glass. To say that your wine has long legs means the droplets at the sides of your wine glass are viscous and therefore drag along the glass. For short legs, the droplets will drain faster from the sides of the glass back into the wine. The legs are also referred to as tears. This quality is used to determine the content of alcohol in that wine. If your wine has a high alcohol content, you’ll notice that the droplets are more compared to wine that is of lower alcohol content. It is also used to determine the sweetness of the wine. The sweeter your wine is, the more viscous the droplets are, therefore flowing slower on the sides of the glass. This means sweet wine has longer legs compared to dry wine.


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