Healthy Foods to Eat for a Late-Night Dinner


You’ve probably heard that eating after a certain time at night is terrible for your health. While it is true that metabolism slows down at night and eating right before bed could trigger acid reflux in some people, it is not the end of the world if you eat dinner past 6 p.m. provided you’re eating healthy foods.

Besides, if your work or life schedule only allows you to eat in the later part of the day, it’s better to go to bed fed than hungry. But exhaustion can make it feel harder to listen to your body’s hunger cues, which causes people to be prone to snacking and overeating in the evening.

The key is having a meal that will keep your stomach full but won’t mess with your sleep. To allow time for digestion, eating about three hours before bed is best.

So what should you eat if you find yourself hungry past the ideal dinner hours? While there’s not one “perfect meal,” registered dietitians share tips and meal ideas if you’re in need of a late-night meal:


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