During your youthful years, you tend to have an individual hairstyle but often finding yourself making mistakes such as sporting hilarious or spooky hairstyles. It is obvious that you need a hairstyle that makes you confident and uplifts interaction with your immediate friends. At the age of 40, you have already identified yourself and choosing your personal hairstyle is based more on who you are and not making impressions. Your hairstyle will reflect who you really are whether classy, playful or reflecting a sexually and contemporary appealing. Check out these hot hair trends.

Hairstyles for women in their 40s

Hairstyles for women in their 40s

The debatable question for many of the women who are in their 40s is whether there is anything to add or avoid while choosing a hairstyle. For many women, the first thing that comes to their mind is hair color. However, many women hold the belief that long hair tends to drag the face down, distorting the appealing look. The list provided here offers an avenue for you to check out the best style that will reflect who you are and also complement that look.


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1. Short wavy ombre bob

Hairstyles for women in their 40s: The Bob

The short wavy ombre bob style is a short hairstyle that can perfectly fit any type of face and or age group. This hairstyle has no limits to which color blend you want to use.

2. Full and flirty

Hairstyles for women in their 40s: Full and Flirty

The full and flirty style is great for women with oval and heart-shaped faces. The bob haircuts draw close attention down to the slim jawline and are neither long nor short so remember to ask the hairdresser to create movement by applying some layers. You can curl the ends facing different positions if you are styling at home.

3. Long and textured hair

Hairstyle Trends - Long and textured hair

Maintaining and keeping the appropriate length of your hair matching your body height is all you need,to maintain an appealing look no matter the age. You can keep your hair looking healthy and young by regular trims. To achieve the long and textured hairstyle you simply need to be taking proper care of your hair.

4. Side swept fringe

Side swept fringe

The side swept fringe hairstyle is a versatile style. You hair lies gently across your face hiding away the age lines and facial imperfections. The hair can be easily pulled back or tucked away depending on your individual preference.

5. Egg bowl

Hairstyles for 2020 Egg bowl

If you are a working woman wanting to reflect a contemporary and cool style, the Egg Bowl style is perfect because of its edgy, cool, and fun cut. The style is well structured with elevated lines.

Thinning hair

Thinning Hair - Try Tressurge

Throughout the world women are affected by hair loss or thinning hair, however there are available chemical solutions and natural remedies to this problem. Some of the natural remedies include increasing protein intake, using coconut oil on your scalp, and avoiding stress.

Tressurge hair follicle boosting serum

Tressurge is a clinical hair strength follicle boosting serum medium. Its ingredients are designed to support your hair loss enabling high quality hair health. This hair solution works by stimulating the cell metabolism at the root sheath reducing the loss of hair. Procapil is another active ingredient in Tressurge capable of restoring hair follicle structure and protecting it. This results in a 46% increase in Anagen hair.

The Tressurge Serum benefits including;

  • Stimulates your hair follicles
  • Can treat hair loss
  • Revives aging hair
  • Repairs hair damage
  • Strengthens and thickens hair
  • Activates new generation of your hair
  • Your hair shines and glows

The Tressurge Serum is an online based product, and you can only purchase it online.

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