How Much Rest is Best Between Exercise Sets?


In gyms and weight rooms, you may have noticed some people hovering around weight machines while waiting for their turn to use them. Or some may seem to be breathing down your neck while obsessively checking their watches. It may seem rude, but in reality they may just be resting between exercise sets.

Rest is just as important as working out. Not only do you need time to catch your breath so you resume exercising, your muscles also need time to recover.

Scientifically, the substance called creatine phosphate in the muscle cells, provide your muscles the energy it needs for resistance training.  So it’s essential to wait it out!

How long should you rest between sets of an exercise?

As a rule, the American Council on Exercise states that the “best” amount of time to rest between sets depends on two things: First, what specific goals are you working out or training for, and second, what amount of weight you are lifting.


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