How to contour your face the right way


Contouring has been around for decades, but it has become especially popular in the past few years. If you do not have much experience with contouring, it may seem like an intimidating technique. However, once you learn how to contour your face the right way, you will see that the process isn’t as complicated as it seems.

You will need patience and practice to perfect your contour, but you will love your new look! The technique adds depth and definition to your features and gives you the bold, dramatic look so many people want.

What is Contouring?

Photo by Amir SeilSepour from Pexels

Contouring is the process of defining and enhancing your facial features with light and shadows. While foundation and concealer should match your skin tone, contouring adds darker or lighter colors to highlight or change the appearance of a particular part of your face.


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