How to Retain More of What you Read

Photo by Erika Cristina from Pexels

If you have ever been frustrated about having read a book, and then realized you haven’t retained much of what you’ve just read, you’re not alone. Many readers have experienced the exact same feelings of frustration at having not retained most of what they have just read, and that can make the experience feel like wasted time. Even worse, you might feel there is something wrong with your ability to absorb information and to make use of it.

When you can be successful at internalizing and remembering some of the insights provided by books you have read, it feels like an update to the software in your brain.  Remembering is the first step to truly learning lessons from the material you have read. Whether you are reading for pleasure or to learn about something new, there are strategies you can adopt which will help you learn to retain more of what you read.  Use these tips and make every time you read time well spent.


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