Who Says You Can’t Have Bread while on Keto? Try These 5 Awesome Keto-Friendly Bread Ideas


Bread, as we all know, is loaded with carbohydrates. If you’re on a Ketogenic diet — high-fat/moderate-protein/restricted-carb diet — that means you kissed your love for bread goodbye a long time ago.

Hallelujah! Food enthusiasts were able to come up with glorious recipes for bread alternatives. Genius, right?

As more and more keto-friendly bread recipes are created and shared online more recently, Ketogenic dieters can now indulge in bread items and sandwiches without compromising their preferred way of eating.

Here’s a list of five great keto bread ideas to choose from:

90-second mug bread

A foolproof recipe that only involves a mixture of coconut or almond flour, baking powder, oil, salt and egg in a mug, to be popped in the microwave for 90 seconds. Matt Gaedke with partner Megha Barot, authors of Keto Connect, created the recipes. A bit spongy at first, but turns wonderfully crisp when toasted.


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