Who Says You Can’t Have Bread while on Keto? Try These 5 Awesome Keto-Friendly Bread Ideas


Bread, as we all know, is loaded with carbohydrates. If you’re on a Ketogenic diet — high-fat/moderate-protein/restricted-carb diet — that means you kissed your love for bread goodbye a long time ago.

Hallelujah! Food enthusiasts were able to come up with glorious recipes for bread alternatives. Genius, right?

As more and more keto-friendly bread recipes are created and shared online more recently, Ketogenic dieters can now indulge in bread items and sandwiches without compromising their preferred way of eating.

Here’s a list of five great keto bread ideas to choose from:

90-second mug bread

A foolproof recipe that only involves a mixture of coconut or almond flour, baking powder, oil, salt and egg in a mug, to be popped in the microwave for 90 seconds. Matt Gaedke with partner Megha Barot, authors of Keto Connect, created the recipes. A bit spongy at first, but turns wonderfully crisp when toasted.


Cloud bread

Cloud bread for keto diets

Carolyn Ketchum, recipe developer and blog author of All Day I Dream About Food, says that cloud bread is ‘tasty’. Though, a bit flimsy, she added and “doesn’t hold up well to juicy fillings like burgers.” Ingredients include egg whites, yolk and cream cheese. The carb-free ‘oopsie’ bread involves whipping the egg whites and incorporating it to the yolk and cream cheese mixture.

Fathead dough derivatives

Pizza made with Fathead dough

This is Ketchum’s very versatile recipe that is close to pizza dough, and a keto-friendly one at that. A combination of almond flour, egg, cream cheese and melted mozzarella, the fathead dough is chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside that can be made into breadsticks, rolls and can hold sausages, eggs and cheese.

Keto Connect’s coconut loaf and “Amazing Bread”

Keto Connect’s coconut loaf and “Amazing Bread”

A recipe invented by Maria Emmerich, nutritionist and keto blogger, “Amazing bread” can rise like real bread, has good structure, and is really sliceable. A word of advice: Follow the recipe exactly how it is written to get perfect results.

On the other hand, Keto Connect’s rosemary garlic coconut loaf can be perfect for open-faced sandwiches. Recommended for those with a nut allergy, or those who just prefer a different kind of keto-bread.

Store-bought keto bread

This is the most readily available low-carb bread, but it can be a bit costly. Ketchum explains her doubts on these types saying “I am distrustful of the pre-made breads because they have some dodgy ingredients and they are higher carb than I would like… A lot of them rely on adding tons of fiber to get the net carb countdown, and that really isn’t going [to] be very keto-friendly.”

Source: Huff Post

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