Makeup Tips and Tricks from a Pro


Professional makeup artist Caroline Barnes gives some handy, no-nonsense makeup tips and advice for everyone.

Makeup Tip #1: Finding the Right Foundation

To get that perfect shade that’s just right for you – look at your chest. Yes, not your face or neck.

Makeup artist Caroline Barnes says, “If you don’t take the color of your chest into consideration, your face will be disconnected from the rest of your body. You also have to match in daylight — there’s no question about it.”

Taking a photo of yourself in broad daylight (without flash) is also advised.


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Makeup Tip #2: Skin PH affects Foundation Shade

“From my current understanding, foundation going a little darker is a result of your skin’s pH,” according to Barnes.

She further explained that the skin’s oil and the powder that you apply may be factors that affect the color of the foundation you’re wearing. Barnes also advised using a mattifying primer prior to applying foundation.

Makeup Tip #3: Use Fingers for Foundation Application

Barnes says, “Fingers really manipulate the product into your skin better than a brush, which you might have to constantly change in terms of shape.” She added that fingers can give your skin a much more natural look and can also give you the full capacity of color.

Makeup Tip #4: Use Hair Products for Eyebrows

Some hair products, like gel and hairspray, can be used for eyebrows. Barnes confirms using a specific brand for eyebrows and using a spoolie brush sprayed with hairspray. However, extra care is advised when using such products.

Makeup Tip #5: Applying Blush

Barnes recommends imagining that “your whole orbital area is concealed by a huge pair of sunglasses.” You’re doing well if the blush doesn’t go in that area. She also added that placing blush too high can give your cheeks a distorted look.

“If you look directly in the mirror at your pupil, imagine a line coming straight down underneath it and smile — that will give you the peak of the apple of your cheek, right in the center. It’s about using your eyes and facial bone structure. This will create a very youthful effect to your makeup,” Barnes adds.

Makeup Tip #6: Mirror Angle

Some people might not realize that the mirror angle does make a difference. “Mirrors should always be up high” explains Barnes. According to her, looking at yourself in an upwards direction gives you a more flattering angle and gives you a feel-good factor about your look. And really – isn’t feeling good about making yourself beautiful the most important thing?

Source: Refinery29

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