Natural Beauty Brands Used by Makeup Artists


Makeup artists have the unique job of choosing the right products for their clients. This is often challenging because clients’ needs differ, and there are hundreds of makeup brands from which to choose.  Their masterpieces need to last all day, sometimes through tears, hot lights, or intense workouts. And perhaps the most complex of all is when it needs to look like there isn’t any makeup at all. This is why more makeup artists are choosing natural makeup brands in 2021. It’s is no surprise that consumers are also moving in that direction as well.

Why Natural Products Matter

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Natural ingredients are ultimately better for the skin, and that is appealing to makeup artists and consumers alike.  According to research, around 70% of US consumers between the ages of 18-29 prefer natural, organic cosmetics. Teenagers are also becoming more aware of what’s in their products and do not want to use anything that was tested on animals. Consumers prefer companies with honest “free from” claims and natural ingredients listed on the label. No matter the age, 1 in 4 consumers prefer their skincare brands to be eco-friendly. People care about the environment, and they want the brands they use to care as well.  One of the main reasons natural products matter is because it’s what the market wants.

The Top Natural Makeup Brands Makeup Artists Use

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While every makeup artist has their own preferences, both personally and professionally, certain brands stand out above the rest. More and more frequently, they are choosing natural products over chemical-laden ones. Here are the top natural makeup brands used in 2021 by makeup artists:

100% Pure Beauty

This beauty brand works diligently to use only natural, organic ingredients to provide the cleanest makeup possible. They are strict with their guidelines to ensure zero synthetics. Their fully vegan cosmetics are packed with antioxidants, essential oils, and vitamins which help create an effortless and healthy look. Makeup artists especially love using their Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream because it provides the perfect boost for tired eyes pre-makeup.


Focused on creating ethical, non-toxic products, you will get various organic options to meet your needs. The products are always made with 10 ingredients or less. And while many other lipsticks leave lips dry, Axiology’s lipsticks are famous for leaving lips even softer than before. They also create zero-waste lip products as an added environmentally aware method.

Alima Pure

These products have non-toxic and natural ingredients, making them one of the most environmentally conscious brands available. Their website even has a glossary which explains what they use and why. Reading it, you will see that they only use four synthetic ingredients in total, such as the paraben alternative benzyl alcohol, which is a preserving agent. With Alima Pure, you will get unbeatable coverage with minimal shine.

Josephine Cosmetics

Josephine Cosmetics uses essential oils and herbal extracts to create natural, vegan products that create sexy, glamorous looks. Loved because they rival high-end beauty brands like Chanel and Dior without the chemical additives, they offer trendsetting looks like their Bold Matte Lipsticks. They call themselves sultry and aim to prove that natural makeup can be glamorous too.

Ilia Beauty

Using organic ingredients, nourishing vitamins, and healthy oils, this line soothes and invigorates skin while enhancing your beauty. They make makeup easy with their multi-purpose sticks and are a favorite of makeup artists because of their clean and pure formulas. Makeup artists also love the luxurious feel upon application, the skin-like finish of the foundations, and the excellent pigmentation of the palette colors. 


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Focusing on botanical formulas, the ingredients in Kosas give your skin the comfort it craves. It was created by a chemist but focuses on your skin’s unique chemistry and offers many shades for the perfect match every time. Makeup artist Sam Addington admits the water-based, non-silicone clean formula might feel different at first, but they are better for you and subtly cover imperfections.

Bite Beauty

This product is made up of entirely natural ingredients. Their lipsticks consist of 12 different oils, white pearl, silk, and red wine. They glide on smoothly, offer rich color, and don’t crease or cause chapping. Makeup artist Katey Denno loves that they have such bold, colorful options and lots of corresponding lip liners, something that was previously missing from the natural makeup marketplace.


The Lawless brand’s goal is to create safe makeup that will not harm you. They know something many people don’t – all makeup you wear is ingested at some point. For starters, Lawless creates lipsticks without carcinogens, harsh chemicals, or other toxic ingredients. They are dedicated to making a brand that is safe for all and prove it with their tagline: Clean AF. Clean makeup usually equates to a minimalist look, but in the case of Lawless, they know how to turn up the heat.

Juice Beauty

With Juice Beauty, you will not find any toxins, chemicals, or synthetics. They use certified-organic ingredients and infuse their formulas with antioxidants and vitamins that provide health benefits, starting with a base of organic botanical juice. You will get a wide range of vegan and cruelty-free products from this line, partly because they source all their ingredients from USDA-certified organic farms.

W3LL People

W3LL People takes pride in creating organic products that nourish skin while giving you the coverage you need. Founded by a knowledgeable trio including a cosmetic dermatologist, makeup artist, and eco-entrepreneur, the products are proven to be kind to the skin. All products are free of aluminum, parabens, coal tar, and petroleum derivatives, so they are especially safe for the eye area. For the “no makeup” look, you cannot beat this brand. They use a cream-based formula for their colorful products to melt into the skin giving a natural, healthy, flushed look.


Inika is one of the most highly rated organic brands on the market, producing an award-winning line of products to help deliver a flawless look. Their powerful natural ingredients include healthy botanicals and minerals. From quality cleansers to foundations and lipsticks, they have a full product line to choose from. Makeup artists love Inika for its attention on the more natural look that allows facial features to be amplified.

Eco Brow

A makeup artist created Eco Brow, so you know it must be good. It is one of the only natural brow brands available. Makeup artist Joanna Schlip loves them because they have great color and long staying power. Not only are the eyebrow products made naturally, but they also make your brows look natural too. Actress Ellen Pompeo is also a big fan of this brow brand.

The Future of Beauty

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If you are looking for inspiration from makeup artists or searching for general trends for 2021 and beyond, the pandemic is still influential. With the ongoing use of masks, highlighting the parts of the face you can see – the eyes – has become important for makeup wearers. Eventually, the masks will come off, so makeup will always be in style and in demand  Top experts have some thoughts about what the future of beauty will bring, and they will continue their efforts in adding natural skincare and makeup products to their collections. Knowing the latest trends and top natural beauty brands that makeup artists use will put you on the right path to healthy, natural looking skin.

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