Getting old doesn’t necessarily mean LOOKING old. Ponce de Leon came looking for the fountain of youth in the 16th century. Kings and governors sought after it. Millions have chased the dream of it, looking for that miracle cure to aging.

They haven’t found it yet, but with today’s technologies, we have solutions every bit as promising.

The fact is, we all age. Birthdays, which we love to celebrate so much, eventually turn against us as the numbers begin to pile up. We don’t like it, but it’s unavoidable: We’re getting old.

So what can we do to defy the years?

Getting Old, But Looking Younger

Getting old without looking or feeling old.

There are several things to consider to help keep your skin looking young. Some of the most common are:


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  • Avoid exposure to the sun. Everyone likes a little sun, and that tan sure looks awesome, but remember that too much direct sunlight has been shown to damage your skin. Give your skin a break and limit your exposure to the rays.
  • Allow yourself enough sleep. Our bodies rejuvenate in every way when we sleep. We are refreshed mentally, emotionally and physically. It takes time for our skin to replenish itself with new cells, and keep it looking good. Sure you’re busy, but try to find time for a healthy sleep schedule.
  • Watch your diet. There are several nutritional methods of helping your skin stay healthy. Vitamins, protein, and fish oils in your diet can help your skin stay strong and looking younger.

Granted, none of these are that fountain of youth solution we’re looking for, but they do help keep the aging from advancing as quickly.

Skin Care Creams

Getting old gracefully can be done with proper skin care.

One of the most effective types of treatment to reduce the effects of aging is the use of skin creams. A skin cream is applied topically and massaged gently into the skin, treating the affected cells directly. There are several types of skin creams available:

  • Moisturizers. One of the symptoms of aging skin is dryness. Skin cells need moisture to survive and stay healthy, so a moisturizing skin cream can help restore them and bring back some of that natural beauty.
  • Cleansers. Removing dirt, contaminants, and bacteria can give your skin a better chance to thrive. Deep cleaning solutions reach into the pores, and root out problems found down inside.
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