The Popularity of Bodybuilding

Today, not only men, but women too, are keen on increasing their muscle growth by bodybuilding. Muscle mass looks appealing, and for women it brings out the coveted athletic look in them. A fit body is an outward sign of the positive personal attributes like drive, self-control, and discipline.

A strong, healthy body also plays a vital role in supporting the general health and wellness of an individual as they grow old. With it, a person can grow old in style, without necessarily losing their good looks. Muscle mass helps with metabolic health, bone strength, and weight control as well as being a combatant for stress and illnesses.

As such, observing a healthy diet and getting plenty of physical exercise is crucial if one is to grow their muscle mass and maintain overall health. This does not come automatically, it entails hard work, sports nutrition and avoiding certain mistakes like:

  • Dieting
  • Low protein intake
  • Not eating enough fat (of the right kind)
  • Restricting carbohydrates too much
Bodybuilding to tone muscles

Be sure to eat for muscle growth, as the body requires the right portions of healthy food for it to function properly. Additionally, maintaining a physical exercise program calls for extra calories and good nutrition, which can only be obtained through a healthy diet. All 3 macro-nutrients, in proper ratios, are required for successful bodybuilding.


Proteins help to support muscle growth since they are made up of amino acids that accelerate muscle repair and support cellular function.


Carbohydrates are also responsible for muscle building and help to keep your blood sugar levels at equilibrium. Healthy sources of carbs include whole fruits, vegetables, and grains.



Lastly, healthy fats are essential for hormonal functions, such as testosterone, that helps in muscle growth. Healthy fats supply up to 70% of energy when you are resting. Healthy fats are a good source of fat soluble vitamins as well, like vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Essential foods and supplements for muscle growth

foods that help with bodybuilding

The following foods and supplements are ideal for muscle growth and they are also readily available.

Whole Milk

fresh milk provides protein, fat, and carbohydrates for bodybuilding

Each glass of whole milk is a source of nutritious calories. Whole milk is easily consumed and contains whey and casein proteins. It also contains a generous amount of electrolyte minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium and is a rich source of vitamin A, B, and D, making it perfect for muscle gain.


Though it is argued that oysters are poor in vitamins and proteins, nonetheless, their low-fat content coupled with high minerals such as selenium, calcium, and iron are ideal for the synthesis and metabolism of the thyroid hormone. This is hard to achieve with the nutrients from whole meals. Oysters offer the hard training lifters a nutritional option. It contains very high zinc content of up to 78.6 mg per 100 gram, compared to beef’s paltry 12.3 mg per 100 gram per serving. Zinc is critical for bodybuilding, as it’s responsible for the production of testosterone, immune function, protein synthesis, sexual health and a host of other health functions.

Raw Nuts and Seeds

nuts and seeds provide healthy fat and lots of protein for muscle growth

The fats obtained from raw nuts and seeds boost the brain function, cell wall integrity, nerve conduction, and most biological functions. The nuts, especially almonds, Brazil nuts, and walnuts, help with nutritional balance. Fats, proteins and carbs found in nuts and seeds are balanced to perfection, so be sure to include them in your eating plan to help you in your quest for muscle growth.

A Strong Finish

In summary, if you want to be strong and live long, a healthy diet of whole foods with the proper amounts of protein, fat, and carbohydrates is essential. Including some or all of the foods listed above will help you build your muscles and finish strong!

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