Signs Your Body Needs a Break from Working Out


You’ve been killing your new workout obsession and then suddenly, you feel like it is “killing” you, too. It only means one thing—you’ve overworked yourself and you’re actually injured—and your body is trying to tell you it needs a break from working out.

Noam Tamir, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and owner of TS Fitness in New York City, said that it’s important to understand what happens to the body when we exercise.

“When you exercise, you’re causing a bit of trauma to the body,” Tamir said.

Exercising can create micro-tears in your muscles. When you don’t take a break, you are constantly assaulting those muscle fibers—not giving them time to repair.

“The more you work, the more you train, the more stress you’re putting on the body. If you’re not allowing the body to recover, you’re causing yourself more harm than good,” Tamir added.

Exercise doesn’t just impact your muscles, but it also impacts your whole body system. So, before you hurt yourself, listen to your body.


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