Tiger Nuts: 3 Reasons Why this is the Next Big Superfood


The tiger nut is a small root vegetable that was considered a large portion of early diets from 4,000 years ago. It may well be the next big superfood because it is loaded in fiber, potassium, and magnesium.

Tiger nuts are very versatile – the peeled nuts can be a healthier snack alternative, tiger nut milk is a lactose-free alternative, while tiger nut flour is a great alternative to all-purpose flour.

Peeled tiger nuts on a wooden spoon.

This nut isn’t actually a nut at all – the newest fiber-rich superfood, which tastes like a coconut-almond hybrid, is actually a small root vegetable that resembles a shriveled peanut roughly the size of a chickpea.

Records from about 4,000 years ago suggested that the crop (cyperus esculentus) made up a large portion of early diets in the Eastern hemisphere.

The tiger nuts are about to be the next big superfood – here are 3 reasons why:

1. Tiger nuts are incredibly rich in fiber.

Tiger nuts next to a glass of milk.

Fiber is well-known to be essential to digestive health and maintaining a healthy weight. Fiber-rich foods tend to be more filling than low-fiber foods, which helps you feel satisfied for longer and less likely to overeat. High-fiber diets are also proven to decrease the risk of developing certain types of cancer and control blood sugar levels.


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2. They’re a great source of potassium and magnesium.

Tiger nuts in a bowl with bananas and warm cereal. One serving of tiger nuts contain more potassium than a banana.

Potassium reduces your mortality risk by 20 percent, while magnesium is essential to more than 300 reactions in the human body. Just one serving of tiger nuts exceeds a banana’s potassium levels and contains between 13-17% of your recommended daily magnesium.

3. Tiger nut milk is a non-dairy, lactose-free alternative.

Tiger nuts and tiger nut milk, a great nondairy alternative.

The milk derived from tiger nuts is also rich in calcium, making it a perfect dairy substitute for people with lactose intolerance. While tiger nut milk can be bought, you can easily make it in your own kitchen – all you need is a high-powered blender and a cheesecloth to strain the milk from the pureed tiger nuts.

Tiger nuts can be bought either unpeeled or peeled, but the peeled version is usually softer and easier to eat as a snack. Tiger nuts can be also used as an ingredient – pre-made tiger nut flour is a great all-purpose flour alternative for paleo cookies or pancakes and can be bought online.

Source: Shape

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