Check Out These Tips on How to Wake Up Easily for an Early Morning Workout


Sleep seems to be a luxury these days that’s why when people have the opportunity to sleep longer, they’ll go for it. Waking up earlier, leaving a warm bed for an early morning workout is really hard to do.

Fitness enthusiasts recommend an ‘early-to-bed and early-to-rise’ habit so you can master the art of waking up at the crack of dawn. Below are fitness professionals’ tips for waking up early so you can crush your next morning workout.

Alex Fluharty of Solidcore — “Keep your alarm clock away from your bed.”

man reaching for alarm clock

Alex says he doesn’t rely on his cellphone to wake him up. He has an actual alarm clock which he strategically puts far from the bed so he that he needs to get up to turn it off.


“Turn your alarm off and turn on all the lights and some music! I used to be terrible in the mornings and this trick has really helped me!”

“Make your bed.”

Yup, Alex may sound like your Mom, but he says that if you spend a minute or two to make your bed, you move around and that will get your blood flowing.

Jessica Sullivan of  Body Cycle Studio — “Wake up with a purpose.”

According to Jessica, she likes to wake up reminding herself that she’s working hard for a purpose.

“You have to wake up with intention, so remind yourself the moment you wake up why you’re making moves in the dark before the rest of the world,” Jessica says.

“It’s because you want to be strong, you are a badass, and strong badasses get up and work out in the dark — they don’t sleep in!”

Jessica also advises to “Ditch your phone at night.”

man looking at his phone in the dark in bed.

“Social media and emails in the evening are the worst things you can do for your sleep,” she says. “They will only keep you up late.”

 Jordan Hankins of The Fit Complex — “Plan ahead.”

Jordan says that keeping a long to-do list in the morning makes it harder to get out of bed. So she recommends preparing your workout clothes the night before so when you wake up, and after downing a glass of water, you’ll be on your way.

“What also helps is creating a morning playlist to wake the senses while also getting you focused for your workout,”  Jordan says.

James Taulbee of  Fire for Effect Athletics — “Make it a group effort.”

group sitting around laughing after an early morning workout

“A great way to make waking up early easier is to have friend, or network, to keep each other accountable,” James says.

If you have a workout buddy, you have to get up and get moving. You don’t want to be hearing, ‘thanks for standing me up, pal!’”

Tom Wingert of  City Fitness — “Start your day with something you look forward to.”

“I wake up at 5 a.m. every morning, drink two cups of coffee, and play a game of Madden on mute while listening to NPR.”

Tom says that’s one of his favorite parts of the day. So when he does his morning workout at around 6 a.m., he’s fully awake, “ready to perform and didn’t have to drag myself out of bed.”

Source: BeWellPhilly

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