What Happy People Practice to Experience the Benefits of Mindfulness


Mindfulness is a state of being fully aware of your own well-being and loving it despite the many things that surround you – like doubts, fears and sadness.

In your journey to mindfulness, you’ll learn that the happiest people are happy not because they don’t have any problems, but because they learn not to be affected by them.

Below are five habits that can help you learn and experience mindfulness and the benefits that it can bring to your life.

1. Practice meditation

woman practicing meditation and mindfulness outside at dawn

It is true that the act of meditating can produce a calming effect in the mind and body. Try to spend a few minutes of your day doing some meditation. Begin by reflecting and paying attention to who and where you are at present. There are even mobile apps that can assist you as you start practicing this.

2. Be in the moment

woman doing yoga on a raft on a lake

It helps to focus on what is in the present. This means avoiding thoughts that involve things from the past and also overthinking about the future — dwelling in such things can add stressful feelings. Be aware of what is in front of you at the present moment. Be in the moment when you have dinner with your family, be present when you meet with colleagues, be aware of your body’s power when you work out in the gym, and be mindful of how you’re nurturing your body with the food that you eat.


3. Pay attention to your feelings

woman smiling with her face up toward the sun

Feeling sad or angry can be unavoidable sometimes. Whenever you feel as such, it helps to give yourself some space and identify the root cause of your emotion. Doing so enables you to think about the next steps you can take to ease your sadness or anger.

4. Write

woman writing in a notebook

Sometimes writing in a diary and documenting what’s going on in your life helps you stay aware of your feelings. Writing often puts things in perspective. The best part is – you make your own rules. Write at the time of the day when you feel most comfortable, or when you want to reflect about something.

5. Limit your time in social media

two people sitting next to each other on a tablet and laptop

Consider taking time away from your smartphone or laptop to do things that make you and the people around you happy. A real human connection is something that should be valued and enjoyed daily. Spending too much time on social media can often lead to more disconnection with our friends and family.

These five habits are relatively easy to do, and you can start anytime as long as you put your mind to it. You can begin by trying to replace your social media time with a few minutes of meditation or journaling. Be aware and be present — you’ll soon enjoy the benefits of being happier and more mindful.

Source: The INC

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