Why The Quest for Happiness May be a Recipe for Misery


Are We Trying Too Hard to be Happy?

There is no such thing as constant happiness. It is something unrealistic.  People who put their faith too much on an imaginary notion of ideal happiness are bound to being disappointed and unsatisfied with their lives.

A survey on happiness in 2017 found that only 33 percent of Americans said they were happy. That’s sad to know. Why?

A new paper published in the journal Emotion said that people may be trying too hard to be happy, which likely results to constantly obsessing over every failure and negativity when they eventually happen.  Consequently, stress mounts up in the long run.

Study co-author Brock Bastian explains that ”when people place a great deal of pressure on themselves to feel happy, or think that others around them do, they are more likely to see their negative emotions and experiences as signals of failure.”


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