In more ways than one, our memories make us. They connect us, tell us who we are, our memories are a crucial aspect of what makes us human. Which means in a way, loss of memory represents loss of self in a very subtle way. Frankly, there are many ‘elderly moments’ where perfectly normal adults have memory gaps. It happens. However, there are also many factors in adulthood that cause abnormal memory problems, including stress, mineral deficiencies in the body, and depression, among others. Is it possible that playing games can help with memory and brain building?

Until recently, it had always been believed that memory declines once a person gets to a certain age. Thanks to the science community, we now know this is far from truth. It has been discovered that with correct methods, you can regrow brain cells (called neurons) in the memory center of the brain. Scientists tell us that this happens in the hippocampus, and it can actually regenerate throughout a person’s life.

Brain Building: Your mind is a muscle

Meditation is one method of brain building

According to modern research, several techniques exist to boost regrowth in this area, which results in memory improvement. Yes, just as physical exercises help muscles to grow, mental exercises aid brain building processes regardless of age! What causes some people to lose their memory and others to improve theirs has something to do with genes, but also has a lot to do with choices.

Are certain kinds of brain-challenging tasks good for the brain?

Brain building is essential so you don't have to rely on hundreds of post-it notes

Most definitely! Living a mentally active life and putting brain building into practice is a great way to ensure memory health. As you grow old, engaging in brain games is one such method.


There are numerous memory games created for the sole purpose of challenging the brain and keeping it sharp. To keep your brain in shape, play games often. The key is consistency, ladies and gentlemen.

The brain needs to be active every day or it can deteriorate with time. Brain building games help strengthen the neurons and the effects are truly noticeable after short periods of time. Different games test and strengthen various attributes of the brain, so for a full mental workout play a wide variety of games. Lazy games don’t help, but anything that requires the brain to juggle bits of information, strategies, and ideas have been proven to help.

If it gets too easy, it’s time to change it up!

jigsaw puzzles are a great method of brain building

Have you reached the highest levels of the games you’re playing? Then it’s probably time to try something else. Puzzles particularly are most effective when you change the tasks that your mind must complete. To help maintain neuron vitality and revitalize cognitive ability, try Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and jigsaw puzzles. You can find many challenging apps for your smartphone as well as online platforms, puzzles in newspapers, and puzzle books.

You may also consider boosting your brain power with nutritional supplements. It is widely agreed that utilizing supplements provides the nutrients and minerals that your muscles need to grow, that includes the brain.

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