Brain Exercise: As Important As Your Body Workout


Have you ever wished that you could have more control over your decision making and your brain? There are many situations that brain functions are vital to the decision-making process and need a lot of focus. When you engage in a brain exercise routine, it may take you less time and work to come up with solutions.

Additionally, there are ways to avoid draining your brain power. There are also ways of increasing it. Listed here are ways of improving your brain’s health.

1. Brain Exercise: Draw a Map

When you think of it, it may seem very simple to imagine navigating through the streets of your local town. Can you draw your town or neighborhood on paper? Try to include major local landmarks and major side streets. This is a great mind exercise. Once you have come up with the sketch map, compare it to a real map. Did you get it right? Or are there things that you added that should not have been there?

Behind the wheel, it seems very easy to navigate to your local store or clinic. Drawing or sketching a map of your neighborhood aids the brain to activate a different set of neural pathways. This kind of complex of brain exercise can benefit you in many ways.

2. Healthy relationships

When you think about it, humans are very social animals. Isolation is out of the question and no man is an island. The best kind of brain exercise is human interaction. When you have a meaningful relationship, you end up developing a strong support system that is vital to the health of your brain as well as your emotional health. Memory-boosting benefits are vast with this type of brain exercise. If you find human relationships overwhelming to you, consider a pet, especially a social dog.

3. Sunlight

Brain health and sunlight go together. Enough sunlight results in increased levels of Vitamin D, which enables efficient body performance and slows down brain aging. In fact, in areas that have periods of limited sunlight, depression and other negative effects on the brain are common. There’s even a name for it, Seasonal Affective Disorder, aptly abbreviated as SAD. It is vital that your brain gets enough sunlight, so make sure to spend some time outside each day.


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If you find that you don’t have enough time to get outdoors for sunlight or daylight hours are scarce due to location, there are supplements available that can help.

4. Meditation

Effective meditation could be one brain exercise that you might not have in mind. There are many benefits associated with mindful meditation. Studies have shown that mindful meditation engages new pathways that enable mental flexibility and elevated personal observation skills. This improves focus, attention, immunity, and empathy. Moreover, the studies show that meditation can also increase the ability of your working memory.


However how much time they take to build, brain exercise is just about habits. Experiment with many brain-boosting activities and find one that you enjoy so you’ll be more likely to stick with it.

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