Brain Exercise: As Important As Your Body Workout


Have you ever wished that you could have more control over your decision making and your brain? There are many situations that brain functions are vital to the decision-making process and need a lot of focus. When you engage in a brain exercise routine, it may take you less time and work to come up with solutions.

Additionally, there are ways to avoid draining your brain power. There are also ways of increasing it. Listed here are ways of improving your brain’s health.

1. Brain Exercise: Draw a Map

When you think of it, it may seem very simple to imagine navigating through the streets of your local town. Can you draw your town or neighborhood on paper? Try to include major local landmarks and major side streets. This is a great mind exercise. Once you have come up with the sketch map, compare it to a real map. Did you get it right? Or are there things that you added that should not have been there?


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