Five Dollar Meal Planning


It feels like every time you turn on the television you are bombarded with five-dollar meal deals offered by chain restaurants. And numerous online resources are offering five-dollar meal planning ideas, programs, and plan subscriptions. What is the fascination with five dollars? Well, five dollars is easy to understand and certainly sounds like an appealing value as well as a bit of a challenge. Of course, most people today want to save money. As actor Woody Allen said humorously, “Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.” Is there a way to save money, and have good meals? The answer is a simple yes: the five-dollar meal plan.


Five Dollar Meal Planning

The reasons for creating a five-dollar meal plan include saving money (of course,) saving time, making life easier, conquering stress, losing weight, and improving nutrition. Even having a more ready answer to the ever-asked question, “what’s for dinner?” So, it is not about grabbing a cheap fast food meal, and it does not involve only rice, beans, and ramen. It is very possible to plan and achieve healthy and affordable meals at around five dollars. No chef’s hat is required.


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