Inflammation: 5 Food Swaps You Should Make to Stay Healthy


Inflammation is a result of the body’s response when it tries to fight off something that it considers as a threat to the immune system. Experts believe that inflammation itself is the root cause of a myriad of illnesses such as autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular diseases, digestive dysfunction and even cancer.

Nevertheless, many lifestyle modifications can be adopted to help alleviate inflammation. Some preventive steps that can be taken are: getting enough sleep, hydrating yourself, managing stress, having adequate exercise, and most of all – watching what you eat.

Health coach Jenny Carr says “Of all the things that play a role in inflammation, we have the most control over our food intake. You can seriously eat your way to reduced inflammation.”

She recommends eliminating inflammatory-causing foods from your diet and substituting it with more beneficial food choices.

Ready to start your anti-inflammatory diet? Check out these five suggestions:


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