The New Aqua Glo Facial Treatment and Why You Need One


If you hope to have healthier, clearer skin, a facial is an excellent place to start. As facial treatments evolve to become less invasive and more soothing, it is no surprise that more individuals are incorporating them into their lives than ever. A treatment that once was considered an indulgence for only the highest maintenance people is now something that anyone can enjoy.

An Aqua Glo facial treatment is an innovative new way to clear your skin without causing any discomfort. While there are a variety of facial treatments available, the benefits of this type of facial are substantial and promise beautiful skin for a longer period. The procedure is non-invasive, natural, relaxing, and all liquid. It offers incredible results not possible from other techniques.

What to Expect from an Aqua Glo Facial Treatment

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When you get an Aqua Glo treatment, the procedure deeply cleanses and intensively exfoliates your skin to eliminate any impurities. Through the application with a spiral tip, it fills the skin with a serum that is rich in antioxidants to promote hydration and elasticity. Once the facial is done, you can walk away with refreshed, smooth skin as soft as a baby’s bottom. The process is gentle and promises immediate results with no soreness.

An Aqua Glo facial treatment can be used for all sort of skin issues, including but not limited to:

  • Acne
  • Blackhead Removal
  • Congestion
  • Fine Lines
  • Oily Skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Sun Damage
  • Uneven Texture and Tones
  • Whitehead Removal
  • Wrinkles

How an Aqua Glo Facial Treatment Works

The handpiece used with the facial treatment is lightweight and includes an industrial-grade pressure pump. The spiral-shaped tip attached to it comes with three different micro holes. By applying regulated vacuum pressure, the skin is gently moved into the chamber. This allows the liquid serum to deeply cleanse and unclog pores, remove blackheads, keratin, sebum, and other impurities, and exfoliate dead skin cells. At the same time, the spiral tip pushes the liquid mixture deep into a person’s skin for extra hydration.

There are three steps involved in a typical Aqua Glo facial treatment, each of which is listed below:

  1. Exfoliation and Deep Cleansing – By using the latest technology in the aesthetics industry, hydradermabrasion cleans the skin deeply to get rid of any impurities. The dead skin on the top layer of the body is removed so the fresh, healthy skin can shine through. This step works through the use of an abrasion-free exfoliation and an active cleanser.
  2. Extraction and Gentle Acid Peel – With no discomfort and no downtime, a totally painless acid peel is applied. This is done in tandem with controlled vacuum extraction. This step of the process helps remove excess oil and other impurities from the skin to create glowing skin.
  3. Liquid Infusion and Hydration – The final step is introducing infused liquid into the skin. The mixture is full of antioxidants that are already found in the skin. Adding this to the skin can help with hydration and elasticity, which will ensure your skin is smooth, refreshed, and vibrant.

Top Reasons to Choose an Aqua Glo Facial Treatment

Now that you know what facial treatment involves, we want to share a few reasons people choose to have it done. Since it can help with a wide variety of skin issues, you are likely to find that it will give you the bright, glowing skin you’ve always wanted.

Ability to Clear Out Your Pores

When you go through your daily tasks, makeup, oil, and sweat can start to build up on your skin. When you get an Aqua Glo facial treatment, it includes exfoliation that gets deep down in the skin to cleanse beneath the surface. This specialty facial treatment removes the top dead layer of skin, but it does so gently to prevent you from becoming uncomfortable.

The exfoliation helps with many things, including evening out your skin tone, clearing up acne, getting rid of blackheads, and minimizing your pores‘ size. Deep cleansing the pores helps keep bacteria off the skin while ensuring the pores stay healthy. This is why an Aqua Glo facial treatment is one of the best choices you can make for your skin.

Features Professional Strength Treatment

While you can buy gels and creams at any spa to help with your skin, these products do not stand up to the strength of the professional treatment. Individuals who get an Aqua Glow facial treatment can expect results that last longer than most do-it-yourself options.

On top of that, the product’s active ingredients and the quantities used are specifically chosen to get the best possible results. You can work with a clinician to make sure this treatment is going to offer the benefits for your facial type that you want to see. While doing a treatment at home is an option, it will not offer the high levels of penetration seen in Aqua Glo.


Ensures Healthy and Hydrated Skin

Many of the facials available have some kind of hydration step. Often the most substantial part of the process involves lotions or gels, with hydration only taking place at the end. One of the benefits of Aqua Glo facial treatments is that your skin will be hydrated thoroughly after the dead skin has been removed.

While some of the facials available use lotions that might make the skin feel oily, that is not the case with this solution. When the proper hydration is provided to the skin, it also makes it less likely to overproduce oil on its own. This will keep skin looking great for longer.

Potential to Spot Issues Early

One of the things that you cannot do on your own at home with a facial is detect issues like skin cancer. When you are going to see a clinician regularly, they can spot warning signs early and pay attention to changes in your skin. This is important since things like skin cancer can quickly escalate if the warning signs are missed.

When you do self-facials at home, you are more likely to miss issues that a professional would not. This makes it yet another good reason to choose an Aqua Glo facial treatment.

Destress and Relax for a While

There are many physical benefits to this type of facial treatment, but mental benefits are also possible. When you are being treated, a face, shoulder, and head massage are often included to help your blood circulate. This additional step can help alleviate stress while you enjoy spending time making sure your skin looks its absolute best.

While other facials, both professional and at-home, can incorporate a massage, the inclusion of it with the gentleness of the Aqua Glo treatment process can really clear your head and let you relax.

Treat Yourself to the Best Facial Treatment Possible

When you consider all the benefits of an Aqua Glo facial treatment, it is no surprise that it is a massive trend for those who want the best skin possible. You can enjoy having healthy, clear skin that looks years younger than before the process. Not only will you look better, but you will also have more confidence. You may find that you want to enjoy an Aqua Glo treatment regularly once you get the first one!

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